Terms and conditions

1. Quotation
2. Design
3. Manufacture
4. Materials
5. Site installation
6. Protection of material on site
7. Liabilities
8. Payments
9. Risk and property
10. English law

We have included a copy of our terms and conditions to help prevent any misunderstandings during the duration of the project.

1. The Quotation
1:1 Our quotation have been compiled with all informations you have discussed with our surveyor at the site meeting. Quote details cover the basic concept of the design, materials, installation process and extras such as electrical wireing for automated gates etc... Please ensure that the quotation on which you place your order contains and covers all your requirements. Works not stated in writing in the quote are not included in the price. Thereafter all additional variations to the design, material or installation process will be priced separately. Quote may also be out of date as our quotes are valid for duration of 3 months so please check if your quote is valid.

2. The Design
2:1 We will develop the final product design with the client or with the clients nominated representative. We only accept instructions from the nominated representative or client him self.
2:2 We reserve the right to review our price should quantities, design or materials vary from those on which our quotation was based.
2:3 Should the final design and details be by persons other than The Iron Age Metalworks we will offer our comments for consideration, should these comments not be accepted then all possible flaws of the project passes to designer, we will require confirmation in writing that design is suitable for production.
2:4The Iron Age Metalworks accepts no responsibility for designs by others and reserve the right to require payments prior to delivery.

3. Manufacture
3:1 Production will commence only when all technical and design aspects of the project are discussed and agreed sketch or drawings are signed off, and the correct deposit is received. Should the client or the client's representative alter the design while the job is in production, we reserve the right to pass on all incurred labour and material costs and non productive time. These costs to be agreed and confirmed in writing prior to re- commencement. The delivery or installation date could also be extended.
3.2 Site dimensions will be checked prior fabrication by our surveyor or fabricator unless approved fabrication drawings are signed off by clients architect or client him self.
3:3 Manufacturing and installation dates are approximate, we shall endeavour to complete the project within the timescale agreed.

4. Materials
4.1 It is very important to read all information relating to materials and products used in your project, as only materials specified in the quote to be used .

5. Site Installation and Health & Safety
5:1 Having agreed fixing dates, it is essential that on arrival the site is accessible and in safe state to undertake our works. Should our progress be delayed by any of the following: access, other trades work in progress, incomplete or incorrect work by others, unconfirmed alterations we reserve the rigth to cancle our works till we have full access to site and all incorrect alteration are corrected .
5:2 We will not accept other trades people impeding our progress.
5:3 We reserve the right to pass on all incurred costs and non productive time. These costs will be agreed and confirmed in writing prior to re-commencement.
5:4 Should the site not comply with Health & Safety standard work will not commence and all incurred costs will be claimed from the client.

6. Protection of installed materials on site
6:1 Any packaging on items delivered to site are for the purpose of transportation only, and is not to be considered adequate for site protection having been installed or partly installed. We will not be held responsible for damage or loss of materials from time of delivery on site. Once job installation is completed with finished paint work The Iron Age Metalworks takes no responsibility for any damage caused by other trades to installed product. Any extra work required to already finished products will be priced separately.

7. Liabilities
7:1 The Iron Age Metalworks will not be held liable for or accept an apportioned part of any such liquidated and Ascertained Damages (LAD) that may become due to the client under the terms of the contract.
7:2 The Iron Age Metalworks will only supply goods complying with relevant Building Regulation.
7:3 The Client or clients representative is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and authorizations and approvals required in connection with the execution of the work and for all the charges arising there from.
7:4 Should the client demand a design that falls outside the relevant regulations or has chosen not to accept our design recommendations and advice. The Iron Age Metalworks will not be held liable or accept any apportioned liability for consequences resulting from their requirements. A written disclaimer will be required.

8. Payment terms
8:1 Prior to commencement of the works we require deposit. Deposit paid is acceptance of the terms and conditions set out. Our terms are therefore without exception, 50% with the order, a further 35% prior installation or at the first day of installation and 15% upon completion.
8:2 Prices quoted are strictly net and excludes VAT.
8:3 For projects extending for more than one month, a request for an interim payment will be rendered.
8:4 The person or company placing the order and paying monies on behalf of the client is considered the clients agents and the client accepts responsibility for late and non payments and we reserve the right to pursue the client for the same.
8:5 Only cleared funds are considered as received payment.
8:6 Full payment for supply only goods will be requested prior collection without exception.
8:7 Failure to make payments on due dates shall entitle us to suspend or cancel the supply of both products and services.
8:8 We are entitled to off set monies owed by us to you against monies owed by you to us.
8:9 No contract will be entered into with persons/Companies corresponding from PO Box Numbers or E- mail address.

9. Risk & Property
9:1 The product remains our property until the full contract price has been received.
9:2 All other sums that are due or become due are received.
9:3 The product and materials are your risk from the time of delivery.

10. English Law
10:1 This contract shall be governed by English Law.

11:1 All our work and products is Guaranteed for 12 months against defects (guarantee does not include paint finish)





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