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Welcome to The Iron Age Metalworks Ltd

The Iron Age Metalworks Ltd is well established Architectural Metalwork company and it is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers and installers of bespoke metal staircases in London. Our services range from free site survey, through to full installation including design, fabrication drawings and manufacture.

A wide range of materials such as cast iron ,glass, stainless steel, brass, bronze or mild steel and various techniques used to design and build our staircases and other products provide countless options to enhance the choices of our clientele.

Our selection of bespoke metal staircases includes, basement staircases, spiral staircases, helical staircases, glass staircases, straight staircases, cantilever staircases and cast iron staircases.

In our selection of Architectural Metalwork products you can find other high quality items such as metal railings, cast iron railings, metal gates, automated gates, pedestrian gates, swing gates, double gates, stainless steel gates, cantilever gates and sliding gates. Metal balconies, Juliet balconies, glass balconies, cast iron balconies and balcony railings.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering an outstanding service. We use only the highest quality materials available to us and with our dedicated highly qualified team we continuously strive to exceed all our clients expectations.





Stainless Steel


The Iron Age Metalworks Ltd employs a highly qualified draftsman therefore can offer full drawing services for all our clients' projects. We can supply detailed fabrication drawings, manufacturing drawings, planning permission drawings and visualisation.